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Clinton will give your hair the personal care it deserves.

Clinton's Hair Salon

142A Mt. Auburn Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

The friendly, personal service provided at CLINTON'S is what you would expect at pricier, trendier salons. Located on Mount Auburn Street in Cambridge, just a five-minute walk from Harvard Square, CLINTON'S is a cozy, intimate hair studio established in 1981 by owner Clinton Creasy.

With over 40 years of experience, Clinton provides a wide range of hair care services for both women and men. His expertise in all aspects of hair care provides his clients with the very best products and techniques in permanent waving and hair coloring.

One of the many unique qualities of CLINTON'S, other than getting an excellent haircut to suit each person's needs, is the caliber of personal care one receives. Clinton works by appointment and alone. He says this provides him the opportunity to give each individual his undivided attention without interruption or distraction.

CLINTON'S is also one of a kind in decor. Instead of being sleek, shining, cold and impersonal, the salon is an eclectic mixture of Queen Anne appointments, a wing-back chair, Belgian tapestry, impressionist prints, and even a library containing volumes of some of his clients' published works. Clinton says that when he designed his space he didn't want it to look like a beauty salon. "I spend most of my time here, so I wanted it to feel more like my living room." In a warm, relaxed and friendly atmosphere each client has the feeling that he or she is receiving the type of personal care they deserve and are taken care of by "himself" instead of being shunted off to someone with less experience. From shampoo to final brushing, each client is taken care of personally by a professional who knows the meaning of the word "service."

Call (617)876-5099 to meet Clinton and make an appointment.

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